“let’s say that I make a difference between what is design and what can be called art.
I already design every day, but every time I finish a drawing I rotate my Cintiq and I end it up on my own way”


I am a passionate creative designer with many years experience in the Automotive Industry.
Regardless of the project, I strive to Achieve utmost beauty and creativity, I use a multidisciplinary design process to investigate new approaches and technologies that innovate my design.

I have a strong 2D and 3D capabilities and a deep understanding of the overall design process, from simple sketch to the real model, with innovative structure design skills in both exterior and interior design.
. My experience has given me a keen eye for detail, trends, aesthetics, color, proportion and trends research. I love concept design, strategic thinking and details and I consider myself a designer with knowledge of manufacturing process, understanding timing, 3D modeling and technical requirements, and I’m really interested about contemporary art and interdisciplinary projects.

I have developed my professional experience as a designer working with many companies, several cultures and very different people all around the world.
With my well-rounded skills from design concepts to close-up production and with a desire for more varied and challenging projects, I decided to work for myself as a freelancer designer; creating gcD in 2016 to date successfully delivering projects for several clients, including the last project with Corning Inc., Stereolize Inc. and more.

Currently, I am looking to work with new clients, to work on projects both large and small from concept to final production, independently or supporting client. Meanwhile, I’m working hard as freelancer, even so, looking for new challenges as creative designer.